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2024 Britannia 1oz Silver (King)

2024 Britannia 1oz Silver (King)

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Design: The Royal Mint - Britannia (King)
Material: .999 Fine Silver
Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
Size: 38.61mm
Year: 2024
Denomination: £2

Britannia has long featured on British coins and has evolved through the ages to reflect the nation she represents. In 1987, a stunning incarnation of Britannia was created by sculptor Philip Nathan for a new bullion coin. His beautifully bold Britannia is presented with carefully chosen symbols to reflect the nation’s values – a shield for protection, an olive branch for peace and a trident for her maritime links. The internationally recognized design is highly regarded and only The Royal Mint is able to strike Britannia coins featuring Philip Nathan’s interpretation of the icon.

The Britannia bullion coin redefines security in the bullion market, leading the way as the most visually secure bullion coin in the world. Philip Nathan’s award-winning Britannia design of 1987 has been enhanced with four innovative security features that enable you to
effortlessly authenticate each coin. 

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